Beach time, downtime, time to recharge.

Downtime, do you make it happen?

The benefits for us are evident.

The brain needs a pause every now and again to recharge, to digest stimuli, to combine the dots, in order to function properly and not go into stress mode with too much cortisol in the system. We also become more creative when we create moments to recharge.

I have developed systems, like micro moments, to boost the recharging of the brain through daily habits. What works for me is biking or walking to work, consciously absorbing life around me, going outside for a walk everyday during work hours, take the road along the seaside before going home, etc.

I’m lucky to live in a beautiful area, so now, when we are more limited to traveling abroad, I enjoy nearby places. Today I did a hike + swim with my son. Yesterday we were at the beach the whole day. Coming home from a day out makes me feel happy and strong.

I am a person who has lots of energy so I feel extra happy when being physically active outside. It keeps me balanced.

-What about you?

Read more here about downtime here: Harvard Business Review

Determined to design systems that work for you?

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