People and Places Well-being Index

Look at this flower. It’s exquisite! Nature made this.

Let’s have a look at some more canvases painted by Mother Earth. – A real passionate, warm and sensual show. A few shades of red.

Let’s reflect for a short moment on how fantastic it is that nature creates so many colours and so many diverse plants and flowers. Look at these lovely ones! A yellow-orange techno party!

Colours in nature can be more timide and less attention-seeking too. Look at these pastels.

At the Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg you can enjoy this ‘parc extraordinaire’. It happens to be on my running route and I often take ten minutes to go in there, and simply absorb all the beauty! Today I had to stay longer. I was reflecting on how underestimated parks and gardens are for our well-being.

I got hooked on japonisme two years ago, and the concept of shinrin yoku, forest bath, speaks to me in the same way. The outdoor greenery and flowers make us feel good and that boosts our immune system. For thousands of generations we lived closer to nature than we do now. We came from the sea, maybe we are wired, in our dna, to be attracted to the sea as healing powers too?

Today I discovered the Hälsoteket at Sofiero. A Health-o-teque. I love the play with words. It felt like coming home entering that little orangerie. Take a look, small installations to encourage us to live closer to nature, to cultivate the land and take care of earth better.

What if we would create a people and planet index, to measure how well we take care of ourselves and our planet? That would be so valuable! Imagine schools measuring this in addition to math and language?

I really strongly and humanly believe in this idea. I will run a pilot in my class this year and develop it.

A people and planet index.

Yeah! Revamp gardens!

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