People and Places Well-being Index

Look at this flower. It’s exquisite! Nature made this.

Let’s reflect for a short moment on how fantastic it is that nature creates so many colours and so many diverse plants and flowers. Look at these lovely ones! A yellow-orange techno party!

Colours in nature can be more timide and less attention-seeking too. Look at these pastels.

At the Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg you can enjoy this ‘parc extraordinaire’. It happens to be on my running route and I often take ten minutes to go in there, and simply absorb all the beauty! Today I had to stay longer. I was reflecting on how underestimated parks and gardens are for our well-being.

Today I discovered the Hälsoteket at Sofiero. A Health-o-teque. I love the play with words. It felt like coming home entering that little orangerie. Take a look, small installations to encourage us to live closer to nature, to cultivate the land and take care of earth better.

A people and planet index.

Yeah! Revamp gardens!

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