The Concept of Learning is Changing

The concept of learning is changing. Learning happens everywhere. We are already seeing many different organisations providing science-based, relevant teaching and learning for young people, like the recent The LEGO Foundation initiative for SEL/ PLAYbased learning. OECD – OCDE just published their report based on their SEL survey. HundrEDorg promotes learning innovations worldwide. Learnlife writes a new paradigm of learning. Green School Bali model sustainability and happiness. The International Baccalaureate PYP program functions interdisciplinary + boosts concepts and skills based learning.

Humans existed for some 150,000-200,000 generations. Schools as we know them existed for some 200 years here in Sweden. We, humans, constructed the idea of a school. We can reconstruct that idea, to better serve 21st-century learners.

When school is lacking knowledge about the know-how of 21st century learning, initiative, energy, structure, and futuristic leadership, others will step in.

We have already a global, connected learning ecosystem with digital tools, a network of motivated Ed-people, and possibilities, and learners use that!

Schools don’t have a monopoly on learning.

The education system needs to redesign itself in order to follow suit with the changes in society.

Education in schools needs to become more relevant for the learners.

Our decision-makers need to make it attractive to become a teacher. In Sweden, we are lacking 22,000 teachers as we speak, and the prognosis is not looking too optimistic. The teacher profession needs to be reinvented, to become more that of a facilitator, that of a futurist.

The EdTech industry is booming and learners continue to learn.

Humans are more than numbers in a grade book, we are most of all driven by emotion, by our relationships with others, our outlook on how well we believe we can reach our hopes and dreams. SEL is crucial.

Humanity developed by small groups working together ( cf. “The Survival of the Friendliest” /Hare Woods and “Humankind” by Rutger Bregman )

We need some more bold, courageous, and open-minded, futuristic type of leadership at schools now.

Photo: AHA! Hackathon for Youth: The Future of Education is Now at Hetch.

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