What is the Purpose of Learning in 2021?

What is the purpose of learning and education in 2021? – To thrive as a human being, to unlock the potential of every human being, to be happy and healthy. Yes.

– But learning and education need to be brought into a much bigger context than that, where we must do more of what we humans are good at, that made our spieces live longer than others ( Ref. “The Survival of the Friendliest”, Hare/Woods ):

We need to collaborate & communicate well, and solve complex challenges that humanity is facing right now.

It’s #cop26 now. We have #unsdgs We know what we need to do. We jointly need to tackle societal and planetary challenges.

I am a mum, educator and education innovator. Daily, I hear the conversations of young learners. I hear them sometimes being out of hope and depressed. I hear them sometimes being motivated and action-driven. I see them stressed and I hear them not getting enough sleep.

We need to create hope. We need to write powerful stories. WE write our own human stories. If we set our mind to a positive, constructive one, chances are higher to succeed.

The purpose of learning and education would then be to consciously foster these skills :

  • Authentic problem solving skills
  • Collaboration and communication skills
  • Creativity, Innovation and moon shot thinking + design thinking skills + actions
  • Entrepreneurial skills to solve the societal and planetary challenges humanity is facing.

Are you in?

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