Feelability by Imran Rashid

Imran Rashid has written the book “Feelability”. The title drew my attention instantly because I’m passionate about the space where humans and tech co-exist.

So who are we as humans in a global age of technology? What is reality? How will we develop in this landscape? How connected are we really to ourselves and our inner yearnings, when our lives are packed with to-dos? Is the todo list at list for creating the best life? How much time do we dedicate to the real stuff that is most important to us?

💡How connected are we really to ourselves, on a deeper level, of the joys of being human in a fast, super efficient digital society?

We write the story. We decide how we want to develop.

Imran Rashid has written a very humanistic book, where he reminds the reader to be in connection with what really matters for us: to connect with each other, the use of our senses, the physical human touch, the eye contact, the trust, the rapport created between people on the same wave length, the importance of having a sense of belonging, a tribe.

We want to believe that we are first and foremost logical creatures. We are not. We are first and foremost driven by emotions. In the book the author writes about leadership of high emotional intelligence, and how that is leadership for the 21st century.

He is challenging our thinking by a metaphorical twist of Descartes “cogito ergo sum”; I click therefore I am.

Imran Rashid encourages the reader to find the balance, and I once again think of how I want to use technology to enhance humanity, without becoming it.

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