Does people in the Blue Zones also love measuring everything?

/ Does people in the Blue Zones also love MEASURING everything? / In an era of data, I’m making a reflection on how we humans seem to love to measuring things.

Data is good to develop things, yes, but I also question the balance of it all.

🔹Does people in the Blue Zones, where large parts of the populations live until a 100 years, also love to measure things? Compare ? Constantly work towards a goal connected to a number? Is that a part of their formula for happiness and longevity? dan buettner would know more.

🔹They try to avoid stress and tension, live more on purpose cf. Ikigai, live in close knitted communities with a sense of belonging, move daily, eat a veg based diet.

🔹If we scientifically know this, then what is the race about?

🔹Understand me right. I am all for human development, that’s one of my biggest passion in life. I just try to understand if we are doing the things that serve us the best.

🔑KEY question is: are we spending time on what matters the most?

We write our future.

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