The Future Mindset

The world is changing rapidly. Humans are adaptable. There are some fundamental things we need: love, food, water, roof over our heads, safety, a sense of belonging.

The Future Mindset (c) includes building competencies and skills in these areas:

-Cognitive ( i.e growth mindset, EQ, applied neuroscience, executive functions, creative and analytical thinking skills, problem solving skills, mindfulness)

  • Social-Emotional ( i.e Inter and intrapersonal skills, relationships, connections to others, fun, laughter, togetherness, play, communication, collaboration )
  • Physical ( the body-brain connection, choice, super food aimed for you, proper sleep, daily exercise, nature, outdoor, meditation )
  • Environmental ( regenerative economies, sustainability, inclusion, communities where everyone belongs, cities made for people, combat climate change, action )
  • Digital ( the space where humans and tech co-exist, write a good future, ethics, policies, youth health and social media, democratisation, balance, phygital)

🔹Creator: Aha! Accelerating Education
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