The Future of Humans is Collaborative

🔮The Future of … the future, is top-notch collaborations. We have entered a time when our collaboration skills need to be fine- tuned and used in an ultimate way to solve societal and planetary challenges.

😊😊We build healthy collaborations through healthy relationships: a trusting relationship is the foundation of what we can create together in a foreseeable future.

💬With every human interaction you have, you scan the situation as safe or unsafe: that is socially safe, of course. We are not running away from lions and bears these days, but we want to make sure that the person in front of us is friendly.

✨In a split second we read faces, we listen for indicators of friendliness in speech and we look at the body language.

📡We search for rapport, are we on the same frequency level as this person, will this relationship be personally or professionally fruitful?

😃A smile helps a lot, a joke even better. When we have fun together we feel safe, and creativity happens more easily.

❤️When you feel safe oxytocin is produced. Oxytocin is the neurotransmitter that is in our bodies when we feel safe, when there is love, when there is care.

Inspired by Neil Bunting

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