“Feelability – How we lost touch with life – and how to get it back”.

– Are we on a constant dopamine rush? Do you hear yourself saying “I have been so busy” to the point that you are loosing connection with friends and loved ones in the midst of your doing -doing -doing?

Do you feel the urge to constantly check your phone?

Do you struggle to sleep?

Would you be able to put your phone away for a day?

Do you feel you need to work even when you are on holiday?

In the book the authors seek to understand the mechanisms why so many people feel out of synch, stressed, confused, like from an escape from ourselves, in an accelerating train that keeps going, keeps moving, leaving us sleepless, and with little presence in life.

The authors explore how the digitalisation is pulling us from living in the here and now, with presence, to living a dopamine-filled life with constant gratification.

The authors also make a point of the ‘measurability disease’ ( as they call it) and how all is now being measured, weighed, noticed, recorded, assessed, to be achieved. Then we don’t do things for the pleasure of pure happiness, but for the sake of a pre and post assessment to gather data, momentum.

What if being on the list of rich western countries have made us stranded at an existential level? What if we are loosing our interrelationships to other people, to our tribes?

We can be connected to a lot of people online, but at the end of the day feel utterly lonely.

Humans need the physical closeness of other humans, the look in each other’s eyes, a touch, a smell, rapport, and to be honest – a bit of unorganised things happening, where everything isn’t calculated by AI to fit perfectly.

I write reflections about the space between humans and tech. Please join the conversation🤖🙀😃What are your thoughts?

🖋📚 Authors of the book: Imran Rashid & Rikke Østergaard

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