We are too obsessed by assessment and data

Applied neuroscience for a happier life.

A human: what we see is the rational side, what’s underneath is the emotional side of us, our inner life, our feelings.

Many of us are living in societies that are highly rationalised ( too rationalised ), communities that are per se assessed minisculously -> hence the feeling side of us has been pushed aside. All is data. We are all obsessed by assessment, for efficacy.

Discrepancy may occur.

Cf. A nurse who needs to spend too much time on documentation, or a teacher spending hours on different reports that “nobody” will even look at.

Humans are both rational /and/ emotional. When we are too much in our heads we loose a vital connection with ourselves.

All this goes back to how our brain works. -The dilemma of being human, having an old and a new part of the brain, of which both steer different things: reactions and emotions, vs reflection and planning.

Remember this when you get too much in your head. Nurture your inner life, your feelings, your fun 😉

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