I Measure Things, Therefore I am

/ An over-rational society / – Are we so keen on measuring everything, assessing everything, that we forget about enjoying ourselves, spending time where it really matters, in more moments of immersive flow, where we are creative, where we connect on a deeper level and boost communities where everyone belongs?

How can we create balance in a society that is so dopamine-high on data? How can deep connection and community be created amongst people who are too much in their heads?

Maybe it’s because I am a teacher and I feel that I spend too much time assessing young people and giving them a number, and too little time being creative and innovative, that sparked this interest of mine.

My 14 year old daughter, going from one subject assessment to the other. When will middle years schools be more interdisciplinary, more entrepreneurial, more project based?

Maybe it was my son’s two week’s test-weeks #toetsweek that made me so frustrated? Will young people love school more after two weeks’ of tests every day? We know the answer to that!

16 years old, sitting one test after the other for two weeks. My question is : why, for what purpose? Can’t it be done in a more human friendly way?

Maybe it is the filling out of surveys and filling in my email address everywhere so I can be a member, a client , an ambassador ( whatever) – and a customer that had me reflect on this topic.

I do know the benefits of data and I love it when it enhances human life. I do love goal-setting and formative assessment is part of reaching goals. However, I just have a feeling that we over-assess and over-measure our lives. When I shop online there are always check-out questions, that I never answer. When I go to IKEA there are the smiling faces by the exit, to tell IKEA if it was a good day, which I never do either. It’s the innumerous surveys to fill out. There is even the check-in from my PostNord app asking me if the experience was a good one ( sending and receiving packages).

I do understand that companies (etc ) want to create great customer experiences, but then again, and here comes the crucial question:

-> To what and to whom am I giving my time and attention?
The companies, so we can be better customers? To idealistic entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place? To Zuckerberg? It’s getting quite difficult to actually know.

We need to use our brains ( sorry to be brute 😬) and not just buy into everything that is presented to us. We need to question things more, in this digital landscape of ours, use our critical thinking in order to benefit from a life where we are more present, more “there” with each other and connect better. What are the assessments, tests, surveys, data that is actually good for ME and my communities and not only so that someone can earn lots on money on me giving my time and attention to their product development.

“Everything in human life was a test. That was why they all looked so stressed out” -Matt Haig “The Humans”

What are your thoughts?

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