A handwritten card sent by old-fashioned mail

Secret Santa and a Sustainable Christmas.

We design our reality. Our choices have impact.

At work we are doing Secret Santa before the Christmas break. This year we all agreed to do a sustainable version: a second hand gift or something homemade.

It had me think of value.

There are so many things we can give to each other that has high value and little impact on earth. Before I give suggestions, take a look at this video, “The Lifecycle of a T-shirt” https://lnkd.in/eP6Q-bB
After having seen that video my clothes consumption drastically decreased. That was only a T-shirt. Think of all other things we consume at a mall…

Here are a few things that have high human value, but low impact on earth.

You can give:

  • A handwritten card sent by old-fashioned mail, with thoughtful words, describing why you appreciate the person you are writing to. This has a high surprise factor ( as so few people write cards these days ) and it touches someone’s heart. Smiles guaranteed.
  • Send seasonal, festive flowers on a Friday, delivered by the door. Same here, surprise factor and brings a moment of light and happiness during the challenging times we live in.
  • Spa : so many different options. Here we have sauna and winter swim, but massages are awesome and brings relaxation and balance. So much choice. So much happiness and new energy and peace.
  • Books for those “in the club”. Choose consciously.
  • Offer to babysit or dog-sit for friends with young children and/or dogs.
  • Boardgames like “the Hygge game”, where everyone around the dinner table gets an incentive to talk about things that really matter
  • A festive box with Christmas treats ( food, wine, etc ) add some personalised messages plus a card describing an experience that you can do together. I just gave my best friend a day in Copenhagen ( lunch, gallery, museum, etc ) for her birthday for example.

’tis the season to care for each other.

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