The New Human

THE NEW HUMAN is evolving and needs a new mindset, in order to not only survive, but thrive. The new human needs the mindset of the future. That mindset is backed up by a set of competencies and skills. Here comes the oxymoron. The new human needs to tap into some old knowledge too, knowledge that is intertwined in our DNA.

Let’s look at what made our spieces survive: our capability to collaborate, communicate and solve challenges in creative ways, being friendly and caring to each other. Yes, we needed to be adaptable and resilient too, but I think you know that part already.

We are complex: we are both rational and emotional. That’s due to how our brain evolved thoughout the history of mankind. It can cause problems to us, hence the expression ‘human bias’.

Let’s make a brief attempt to unpack the skills and competencies that the new human needs now, during this time of reset that we are living in.

-Cognitive competencies: resilience, growth mindset, metacognition, research skills, complex problem-solving skills, creative thinking skills to come up with innovations that can solve societal and planetary challenges, STEAM skills, the learning how to learn, the knowing of where to go for knowledge

-Social -Emotional competencies: strong inter and interpersonal communication skills, self awareness, self management, collaboration, strong notion of community and creating a sense of belonging, equity, inclusion, peace, well-being, fun.

-Physical competencies: capability to listen inwards and have presence in a fast world that builds on dopamine, to take care of ourselves and be able to “hear our own heartbeat “ and develop a sense of awe looking at the stars, but also eat healthy, exercise daily, sleep properly, mindfulness / meditation to deconnect, awareness of the body-brain connection. The human body was made to be active, to walk long distances. Compare that to sitting in front of a computer all day long.

-Environmental competencies: retap into our natural surroundings more, spending time outside, take care of earth, grow more gardens with food and perhaps less with flowers, be conscious about habits that are harmful / not harmful to the planet like reflection over clothes consumption etc. A truly regenerative way of living. Policies needed.

-Digital competencies: developing a critical mindset to scrutinise what it is that we consume online, what is true, what is false, who is the sender, how may the algorithms work in different situations, what is reality 2021, what is the reasons for spending time on the Metaverse, is it ok to produce super babies just because it’s possible, what will happen with humanity when some of us will have a chip implant, is the internet of everything ok in the scope of personal integrity, and so forth. Above all: what does it mean to be human in this time of fast paced era of technology? What story do we want to write?

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