To all the educators who show up everyday

Here is for the educators who show up everyday and help young people to thrive. The educators who don’t have LinkedIn, who don’t get interviewed in podcasts, who don’t write articles, but who simply show up, who are there for young people every day.

The picture is me, 19 years old and just started University. I had started studying French, but realised quickly that the level was to high for me. I was sad and disappointed at myself. I drew the conclusion that university wasn’t for me and that I would drop out and travel the world instead.

One conversation with a supporting adult changed the scene.

A simple conversation has the power to change our mindset. She asked me: – What if you check if you can simply change the major subject, do English instead of French?

The Swedish university system is quite rigid so I really didn’t think that would work. But I was lucky. Seven years later I finished university with double diplomas. I went to live in both the Reunion island and Provence, France, so my French these days is ok.

Let’s be those adults that support young people to grow, those adults who have presence enough to deeply listen to what young people have to say.

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