Transformative Learning Experiences and the Building of Future Mindsets

The Future Mindset & Project Based Learning / I was invited to Hong Kong based American Kyle Wagners podcast “Transformative Learning Experiences” to talk about project based learning and the know-how’s to get started.

Project based learning is entrepreneurial, immersive and motivational.

The learners become highly independent and really drive their own learning, showing ownership and student agency, with the support of a design thinking framework and micro learnings on the way.

Our Winter Fair was a six weeks mini accelerator program for young people to take their ideas and make them real.

Please check out the podcast and tell me what you think! Future Mindset and Project Based Learning

It’s the first time someone calling me a future mindset guru, so Kyle Wagner you are our Project Based Learning guru!

Thank you for uniting us and keep inspiring us! I loved your questions, your energy and your enthusiastic approach! Thank you for having me 🙏

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