Teacher Exodus: We Need to Talk About Teacher Well-Being

/ TEACHER WELL-BEING / Going to work today thinking that it’s time to talk about teacher well-being. For real. Serious talk.

✨In Sweden we are lacking 22,000 teachers

✨69 million teachers are needed worldwide by 2030 (https://lnkd.in/dgiMkRCK

✨Young people are not pulled to the teacher profession

✨Teachers are leaving the profession

✨Burnout is a big thing amongst teachers.

This was a fact even before the pandemic started. Read again.

Teachers are usually not the type of people who goes out and protest wildly. We stay loyal and dedicated towards the main characters in the room; the learners.

What happens is that we work until burnout and then simply quit.

Teachers’ health need to be prioritised.

Teachers need to be heard. Internally we voice our concerns about all areas that needs to be fixed, developed, on the “How to do school”.

I am concerned that we will soon see headlines in newspapers saying “Teachers leaving the profession in heaps”.

If you know me, you know I am a solution-oriented person. Where there is a problem, a challenge, I wish to try and find a solution.

Covid is back and we have a fourth wave in Sweden. Teachers are working onsite at school. Christmas holidays is in a week. Students and teachers are getting Covid. Why aren’t teachers protected more? Why are we risking our own health? Now, during the fourth wave it’s still better as most of us are vaccinated. I do remember pre-vaccinated days very vividly, going to work when most people were working from home. I have lost count of how many times I tested myself and I have completely lost count of how many colleagues have had Covid.

Here is our Aha! WellBeing contribution to support educators: https://lnkd.in/gZbtgtuQ

If today was a book it would be called “Working Onsite During a Pandemic – the Know-How of Staying Resilient and Sane” Authors: Teachers across the country.

December 2021.

This was my most read post on LinkedIn 2021. Nearly 10.000 readers.

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