A Human Renaissance

/ A Renaissance of Humanity/
Life behind the screens need to be balanced with an analogue life.

This is becoming so clear to me when I spend the holidays up by the Arctic, where I was born.

What is the chase about?

I have met so many people “in the tunnel” last year, people being so busy all the time that they lost their resonance with life. Like putting on a broken LP record. I have stopped giving these people my time.

Modern people spend too much time in a performance state of being, and too little time in a state of enjoyment and emotion.

Dare to start a conversation that really matters.

If I ask you: “How are you?” It means that I really want to know how you are. I love it when people are honest when they answer that question.

It’s so easy to say “I’m fine, and you?” because we think that the other person may get bored about hearing us talking in detail about our life.

However, us humans connect best when there is vulnerability involved, when there is authenticity, when we are pretty real and specific. It doesn’t mean that we are going completely unfiltered, but it rather means that when we dare to open up to another person that is when the real stuff happens, the real connections, the real creativity, the real rapport, the smiles, the cries, the possibilities. Otherwise it becomes cold, plain, blasé.
Our societies are becoming too measured, too rational, too professional. I recently read a post of a leader who was so tired about end of year reports, that nobody reads, and what happened? His post just exploded with comments of people who thought the same, who simply wanted more presence in their lives, and less stuff to be measured.

After having been to the cinema the other day , I was asked to do a recommendation. I didn’t want to. I just wanted to fully experience the majestic feeling I had from the film. I wanted to ask my mum what she thought of the film and how it related to her life. Good question is : what are we giving our time and data to?

I’m going to strive to give my data to scientifical purposes, not to markets.

Humans are highly driven by emotion and intuition. That comes from the older parts of the brain. The executive, analytical skills are younger.

Think of all the decisions you took today. Think of the holiday season. You want to do the things you love, you want to be with the people you love.

In the world of digitalisation, we need a renaissance of a humanisation.

Leadership of 2022 needs an enormously high sense of EQ.

Leaders need to see the human behind, the person with hopes and dreams, with a family, with passions, who yearns to be seen for who she / he is, to be appreciated. If not, there will be an exodus.

In the { reset } we live in I hope that the digitalisation will enhance humanity, so that in parallel we will see a post-digitalisation and a renaissance of humanity.

Yvette Larsson
January 2022
Very close to the Arctic Circle

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