Slow Living by the Arctic

On the plane from Stockholm to Luleå I got my first panic attack ever in my life. I felt claustrophobic in the plane, and all of a sudden all the captivated stress came over me and overflew me like a tsunami of emotions.

For two years we have lived with the pandemic.

For two years primary schools teachers in Sweden have been working onsite.

For as much as it has been good for the students to come to school, it has been very challenging for us teachers to go to work, especially during the time when we were not vaccinated and the rest of society pretty much stayed at home.

It is time to think of the well-being of the teachers. The mental stress has been enormous, and the number of teachers who have had Covid is big. At my school I lost count how many they are.

Add the teacher burn out even before the pandemic and you can imagine that the profession needs a reboot.

Teacher well-being needs to be prioritized. A healthy teacher in the classroom is one that will inspire the students to learn the best.

On the day when my school finally closed, there was 32 people home, either with Covid, testing for Covid or with the flue.

Everyone, myself included, were just simply trying to keep it together until the Christmas break.

This is where I am from and this is where I got my love for the outdoors; northern Sweden, close to the Arctic.

Here is a glimpse from my holiday at my parents’ place, a place where I truly could recharge my energy and live life a bit slower, less harsh, and more balanced.

My parents live by a river, and now during winter it is frozen. People love coming there to walk, ice-skate, run, bike, snow-scootering and windsurfing.

The sun plays a big role in life up here as it is so scarce during winter.

I hope you could feel the calmness coming through from these pictures.

Wishing you a fantastic 2022!

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