Humans and Icebergs

{ HUMANS & ICEBERGS } Imagine the size and the content of our inner lives, our imagination. It’s seldom linear, and very often ran by emotions.

It can’t be seen, unless we manage to express it somehow.

A human has an inner AND outer life.

An iceberg is a great visual analogy.

When thinking about it I can’t help but making the comparasion with the vast universe too.

The universe and the space of our inner lives seem endless, eternal. They can’t really be measured ( yet ), but can be experienced.

Imagine a painting, a poem, a song, a sculpture, a story, a book, a project, a crazy idea, a beautiful idea, a fun idea, a courageous idea, a disruptive idea, a life changing idea, an idea that can make life better.

They all started in our imagination, in that inner space where you spend a lot of time, your inner life.

The Swedish author Astrid Lindgren once said “Everything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody’s imagination.”

What do you need to boost your inner life and imagination?

Me, I read a lot, books, articles, magazines, I talk, I network, I love travelling but reduced it during Covid but a change of scenery always sparks my imagination, music, spending time with family and friends, poems, art , exhibitions, quiet reflection by myself, immersive experiences, and outdoor fun.

Walking by the seaside makes me more imaginative, taking in the beauty of the sea and clearing my mind.

My encouragement is this: dare to imagine crazy, beautiful, fun, life changing things.

We are here for a short while.

Let’s make it awesome.

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