Game-Changers Podcast Interview

/ GAME-CHANGERS PODCAST / Earlier this autumn I was interviewed by inspiring Australian team Adriano Di Prato and Dr Phil Cummins for their podcast. We spoke of learning and education in the times we live in: what it means to be human in a global age of technology, what happens when we educate the heart first and foremost and the importance of skills-based learning.

I’m an advocate for a ‘classroom without walls’ were learners are inspired to take action and agency in their local and global communities, to work on projects in a design-thinking way, projects that have the possibilities to change communities and give a sense of belonging to people.

We framed the conversation around global citizenship, living abroad, the importance of learning languages to create relationships across borders. -To be the game-changers and peace-keepers that the world needs now, we need excellent communication and collaboration skills. When these skills are taught in school learners WILL exceed.

A red thread that developed throughout our conversation was the theme of trust, freedom and autonomy to explore and create. For school leaders, educators and learners it all narrows down to being able to try, and try again, learn and also have some fun on the way. I seek to foster resilience skills and a growth mindset in the work I do with regards to enhancing healthy relationships, well-being and human development when working with young people.

We all have a personal story to tell. Mine starts in Swedish Lapland, above the Arctic Circle, where I developed a deep sense of appreciation for nature, that tags well into what we now call ‘green skills’. Growing up there also made me the creative person I am today, focusing on innovation and solutions. I bring that into learning and innovation. Innovation has the intrinsic power for change in general, but also to tackle the urgent societal and planetary challenges we are facing.

When asked about role models I thought of Leonardo da Vinci, as an artist and scientist, combining the rational and the emotional / expressive sides in us as humans.

Please check out the podcast and lean into the conversation:

Thank you Adriano and Philip for the invite! Keep inspiring us!


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