From Tågaborg to Viken

Join me on a nature walk from Tågaborg where I live, to Viken. Helsingborg is absolutely amazing in spring and summer!


Start your walk at café Bruket, stroll down to Vikingsbergsparken and enjoy the park in bloom. Continue to the beach. You pass Regio, the best restaurant in Helsingborg. If you want to eat there on a Friday or Saturday evening, you need to book 1-2 weeks in advance. I love the ambiance.

I love coming to the beach any season. This was today.

You will walk along the seaside up towards the cosiest café in town, Brödkultur 2.0. Just go there! In the same area you will find Sofiero Castle and Park. May is the ultimate season to go there when the rhododendron blooms.

Strandvägen up towards Sofiero.
Brödkultur by the horizon.

When walking towards Viken you will pass Grollegrund where you might see seals. We saw them at distance, basking in the sun!

When we arrived to beautiful Viken, we had lunch at restaurant Mavi. Can’t go wrong! The setting is chill by the little harbour and the food is outstanding!

We like using the Skåneleden trials.


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