“Everything great that ever happened first happened in someone’s imagination.” The quote belongs to the Swedish children’s books author Astrid Lindgren.

Making imagining an everyday activity is vital for solving the seemingly impossible.

We can find answers to the big questions of our time when our mind and hearts are open. Imagination combines the dots of what we know and what can be. When we challenge our thinking with networking, with traveling, reading, making some kind of art, learning and dreaming, chances are greater that a new idea comes to mind.

When learning through concepts we can easier access the combination of what seem to be two or more completely different concepts and merge them into something new, anchoring and twisting the old with something novel.

Imagination is fundamentally important for human development on all levels such as social, emotional, creative, physical, and lingual.

When we are imagining things and day-dreaming away, our creative thinking skills kick in. The more we practice, the better we become at it. Imagination and creativity are vital building blocks of innovation.

Humanity faces big challenges. We need moon-shoot thinking to find solutions and work together. I urge you to look at the importance of imagination and innovation.

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