Education is about the exploration of the soul, about purpose. Education is not a one-fits-all activity.

We write 2021. It’s time to reflect on:

  • What serves us now?
  • What needs to be developed?
  • What do we need to bin?
  • What would the ideal learning situations be?

Learning eco-systems are human-made, hence, humans can change those eco-systems too when the systems don’t serve us any-longer.

We have the possibility now to create more individualized learning experiences, where learners explore their heart’s yearnings and purpose, where they develop their creativity, enhance their communication, collaboration and innovation skills to take on societal and planetary challenges.

Provocation questions to reflect on:

  • How deeply can we love?
  • How caring can we be?
  • How enormously big ideas can we make real?
  • How well can we collaborate when necessity asks for it?
  • How awesomely can we solve things together?
  • How beautifully can we rise from challenges?

Above all: how deeply can humans love if we educate the heart?

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