What does your desk look like?


Getting organized.

Being fully vaccinated this summer makes me so much more at ease about going back to onsite learning and teaching. Remember, we were not in lockdown here in Sweden and the primary years schools were open all the time. That caused a lot of stress for educators risking our own health every day for 1,5 year. In this context a colleague of mine, Nanna Spetz of Aha! Accelerating Education set up Aha! WellBeing and the program “An Athlete’s Mindset” for educators where we immersed into working on enhancing trusting teams through a self check- in tool, a focus on resilience and growth mindset + care.

This weekend I’m prepping a bit for a new school year and am excited about it!

Always starting the day with a clean desk:
It gives me peace of mind. What’s on my desk today?

🌿My computer

🌿My analogue calendar ( do you have one or are you completely digital?)

🌿A book I’m reading about Math for work, summerizing big ideas in Math beautifully. My favourite Math areas are symmetry and geometry, because symmetry is about balance and geometry is just the number language of art, and I’m crazy about art.

🌿My journal + Chakra Plan book ( love it! Gives direction for morning mindfulness )

🌿 My intention ( morning ) and gratitude ( evening ) book. I write down key words of what I intend for the day in the morning and what I was grateful for, in the evening.

🌿A book about Sprints ( development, development 😃).

🌿Post-its: can’t live without them ( design thinking brain )

🌿My EXPRESS’ISM book where I write down anything that has to do with words : poetry, quotes, sentences I like, lyrics to songs, anything that is beautiful / quirky/ funny / wise words.

🌿My life goals and dreams book.
What are YOU dreaming of and planing for?

🌿My travel book, where I write down ideas of places I want to experience. It’s very Europe oriented at the moment, reflecting a lot on how to reduce flying. Driving is fun!

🌿My IDEAS book: inspirations for a fun, loving, purposeful life!!!

🌿The pouch where I keep cables for on-the-go

🌿Coloured highlighters ( very visual human being here )

I love organizing 🎉 I thrive in beautiful surroundings.

What does your desk look like?

Balance is only found in Symmetry

The balance between
Desire and Survival

The balance between
Relax & Recharge
Disrupt & Evolve

The balance between
The Urgent and the Patient

The balance between
The Planning and the Now

The balance between Adventure and Harmony

Balance is only found in symmetry, in the language of Math